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Argan Group are property consultants who specialise in the investment and development of bespoke residential homes across London and Vancouver. Established in 1986, the group draw from a wealth of experience to deliver the most desirable investment opportunities for today’s client


Born out of a desire to bring unique and affordable luxury to the homes of clients, Argan now help clients source, acquire and transform properties across the capital. Each detail of an Argan home is considered, tailor-made and handcrafted to unlock the property’s potential and add intrinsic value





With each step forward, the property landscape we walk on changes. As consultants, we offer a service to clients to aid and support their portfolio needs in this ever-evolving environment. It is important for our clients to not only plan for the next six months, but also the next thirty years




An experienced and broadly skilled team enables us to develop property that exceeds client expectations, offering sophisticated and innovative living spaces coupled with eye-catching design. All of the above, encompassed with a desire to meet the needs of both our investor and end client, drives us to build the most attractive, affordable and effortless designs




We are at an advantage in that we are not introducing something unfamiliar; property is and always has been one of the most secure asset classes in history. By presenting an already essential product and service in an authentic and exciting way, our already growing relationships with the local agents, industry experts and local community, gives us a unique benefit which we pass on to the investor


For more information please contact us at:


London Office:

+44 (0)208 993 1867

122 High Street

London, W3 6QX


Vancouver Office:

+1 604 800 9929

170, 1200 W. 73rd

Vancouver, BC. V6P 6G5